Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2019

With so many web design and web development technologies available on the market, it’s challenging to distinguish a popular trend. The right website design is important because your clients and customers can learn more about your business through proper placement of fonts, content, vibrant colors, and much more. The market changes fast, which is why we compiled a list of top 10 web design trends for 2019.

3D Illustrations

Many website owners use stock photo website to display images relevant to their website and business niche. However, with the rapid growth of VR and AR industry, many business owners hire designers that can illustrate 3D shapes to accompany the web content. Figures like emoji, bitmoji, and others have vastly contributed to this modern design.

Many think that the 3D illustrations serve to shape the differences between the digital and real-world, drawing a parallel of sharp contrast. What do you think?

Black and White Textures

Despite technologies becoming better, and more color specters being introduced, webmasters and business owners still tend to go for the classic and elegant black and white textures. Colors are essential because they shape the tone and mood of your website, and for every business’ well-being, the way it talks to its customers is vastly important.

However, black and white colors add to the simplicity and elegance and promote minimalism. The white is clean and often found to be in the background of many modern websites, while black is more assertive. If you manage to combine the two colors, you may get a winning combination and invite new customers. It, of course, depends on a brand you’re promoting. For example, if you’re promoting something truly vivid, that’d require a combination of other palettes.

New Shapes

Although the vast majority of websites promotes simple circular and rectangular grids, in 2019, business owners concentrate on newer shapes that could reshape the look of your business. That’s why many websites nowadays sport a more organic shape.

They serve to remind us that nature is often imperfect and asymmetrical, adding true depth to the website design, and making prominent web page elements stand out compared to the rest. For example, if you want your website to have a clear Call to Action, you might want to highlight that in a pop-up or animated shape that would be quick to grab visitor’s attention.

Accent to the Video Content

The development of social media and social media marketing has allowed businesses to express themselves through engaging and motivating video content, that more often than not also migrates towards websites. Now that many web hosting companies offer larger bandwidths, storage, and databases, website creators can add a lot of compelling video content to their website, or import from websites like YouTube. Now, the trend continues, as the audience is attracted by even more video content it finds interesting. Additionally, our client management system Admin12345 comes with a feature that allows you to store attached documentation and other content, which is great if you correspond with a lot of information on your website.


Minimalism never goes out of fashion. The less content website sports, the more freedom your website has. People will always prefer websites that are not overcrowded with hard-to-understand info and is looking for different types of effects that will make scrolling a more fun experience. In 2019, you can expect to see many websites with minimal design, with clear and concise sentences that represent your business. One of the free web tools on Admin12345 is a Word Counter feature that allows you to calculate words of your sentences. Remember, a sentence that’s easy to read has between seven and ten words.

CSS Grid

For many aspiring web designers, CSS3 has always proved to be difficult. At first, everything seems easy, you’re personalizing your website, adding different colors, organizing building blocks of your websites, but more often than not, something gets messed up, and you’re left with unaligned, hanging blocks that you can’t explain. Flexbox and grid have proved to be extremely helpful to both novices and experts alike. Admin12345 comes with a great variety of CSS optimization tools, many of which are free. The CSS3 Compressor will help your website load faster and less laggy, while the CSS3 Generator – Button Generator will help your website look fresh with innovative and responsive buttons.

Screen-dominating Text

If you want to make sure your business’ message stand out, make sure to be available to everyone who needs to see it. Nowadays, many business owners use their website’s space to display important and meaningful messages their business promotes. Whether it’s a part of a logo, on the banner, or the very body of their website, it looks powerful and can be found on a great variety of websites.

On-Screen Serifs

Opinion about Serif fonts is split. While many use serifs for print and sans serifs for screen copies, web designers are slowly approaching bold serifs for more readability. Serifs can be particularly found on headers and Call to Action notes, and it’s no secret that many brands are going to adapt to this design in the future.

Chat Bots

Chatbots have become extremely popular with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially on e-commerce websites where they help customers choose the right product. Chatbots are also popular with other services such as dental, web development, or web hosting, and as they become more personalized and provide more information, more business starts to use them.

Mobile Animation Approach

Last year’s web design trends introduced us to many scroll-based animations that worked flawlessly on desktop and allowed users to quickly navigate to the points of websites they’d like to visit. However, this feature is going to see a huge evolution in the mobile market.

Wrapping Up

We hope that these trends help you get started with web design, or polish your skills. Web design comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s hard to pick what you want to specialize at. Our client management system Admin12345 is equipped with a great variety of features that will help you get started on your web design journey. You can manage your domains, improve your website’s visibility with cutting-edge SEO tools, customize your design with CSS features and much more.