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Make Your Website More Converting
Web Design Magazine

How to Make Your Website More Converting?

In the sea of original designs and strategies, it’s hard to make a design that stands out. In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular techniques to increase your website’s conversion rate and attract new and returning customers.

Best Websites For Learning Front-End Development
Web Design Magazine

Best Websites For Learning Front-End Development

Whether you’re just a beginner who is paving their way through the front-end development and software development, or an expert, these websites will help you learn new things, as well as hone and improve skills you already learned.

Web Design Magazine

Skills You Need To Become a Front-end Developer

Front-end development is one of the most popular career paths in the software development industry, and everyone aspiring to become a successful software developer usually decides between becoming a front-end or back-end developer.

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htaccess generator
Free Online Web & SEO Tools

.htaccess Re-Direct Generator

htaccess Re-Direct Generator The tool generates .htaccess code to redirect www to non-www URLs, or to redirect visitors from the non-www to www version of your domain. The Redirect Generator uses search engine friendly 301

.ico generator
Free Online Web & SEO Tools

Favicon Maker

Favicon Maker Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a small graphic that is associated with a page or Web site. The favicon allows the web developer to customize the site in the Web browser, both in the

ip lookup
Free Online Web & SEO Tools

Domain IP Lookup

Domain IP Lookup There are times you may want to find the IP address associated with a domain name – our free tool can find the IP (or multiple IP addresses) associated with any domain

domain history
Free Online Web & SEO Tools

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker A major factor in page ranking is the age of a domain – the older the domain the more ‘trustworthy’ it will appear in search engine algorithms. Whether you are just checking

css compressor
CSS3 Tricks

CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor Compressed CSS means a faster loading website which all equates to a better visitor experience to your site. Equally as important is that Google now factors in load times into your sites page