Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Web Design & Development

In recent years artificial intelligence has become a valuable asset to many businesses. When you visit a large website, more often than not, you’re greeted by chatbot support that will assist you in your need. Just like other businesses, web design and web development have vastly benefitted by using AI-driven smart technology, and in this article, we’re going to explain you why is AI so influent on web design and development.

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was a term used mostly in sci-fi movies where humans interacted with robots powered by AI.
However, the rapid growth of technology has influenced the way AI is implemented today, and there’s no doubt its application in the business and other fields will continue to grow.

Artificial intelligence excels at doing human-like tasks virtually.
Advanced machine and deep learning algorithms allow computers to learn from their experience and personalize it to individual users using classified datasets. Because it can see patterns in large datasets and then process them using natural language processing, AI has broader application in online business.

It’s also worth noting that artificial intelligence and machine learning aren’t the same things. While AI refers to the capability of computers to perform human-like tasks and assist them (for example as chatbots) machine learning refers to a subset of AI which consists of powerful algorithms AI uses to learn based on data processing and pattern recognition.

Even though the impact of AI on web design and web development is still in its early stage, it will undoubtedly grow in the years to come.

How does AI influence web design and development?​

Artificial intelligence and machine learning quickly assist web development companies that want to improve their performance and solve problems revolving around cybersecurity, coding, quality, user experience, and much more.

Our client management system also comes with several security-related benefits which assist web designers and developers in keeping their website’s safe. One of such features is Secure password manager which uses advanced encryption techniques and maintains all client’s essential passwords in one place.

It doesn’t mean that using AI to improve site’s experience ultimately relies on the machine. Web designers and developers can use the processed data to understand what improvements the site needs to expand its functionality. For example, you can check how responsive is the website to different devices and operating systems, web browsers, etc.

Also, many AI tools help with improving user experience and the appearance of the website as in whole, not to mention that there are many automation-related impacts of AI.
It’s no secret that web designers and developers often have to code through repetitive tasks. With the use of AI, the mundane and repetitive problems are solved by the algorithm itself, while the developer can focus on the more difficult, specified issues on the site.

With this in mind, AI doesn’t only influence web development from a technical aspect; it also helps developers save a lot of time they could spend focusing on issues that are much faster solved by a program.

Benefits of AI in web design and development

There are many benefits of AI in web design and development. We will list some of the most prominent ones.

Search is more intuitive

If you run an online business with an extensive database, then searching for the right items may be challenging. Lots of users want quick access to the right information that won’t take too much time and won’t feel difficult. Many websites, especially those that also offer an Android or iOS app, or generally run on a mobile device sport features such as voice search, encouraged by AI-powered voice assistants such as Cortana, Siri, and Google assistant.

Using the voice assistants or more intuitive search bars internet users can gain useful info instantly and accurately. Another form of AI-powered search is “search by image” feature, which can be often found on an e-commerce website with a large range of products. Users can snap the thing similar to what they’re looking for and use some deep learning to detect the right product.

Better user experience

When a new visitor comes to your website, your ultimate goal is for them to leave with new knowledge, or even better as a customer. AI-powered chatbots have already gained enough of popularity and advanced to make conversations with human visitors more natural.

Many experts in the field of artificial intelligence predict that chatbots will soon be able to recognize our emotions and moods based on typing patterns. That way, the chatbot will be able to optimize and adjust its tone for better assistance towards visitors. Recognizing emotions will also eliminate the speech barriers, allowing customers to find what they’re looking for or learn more about your business in no time.

More personalized experience

As mentioned above, AI is mostly beneficial to the websites that specialize in e-commerce.
Even though people are more often seen shopping online than roaming the streets for the right product, making the right decision about an online purchase can take ages.

One of the most significant benefits of artificial intelligence in web design and development is because it provides a unique experience for every customer. The AI-based solutions process the data collected through customer’s other experiences, providing personalized content they may be interested in.

Through techniques like data visualization and data mining, AI can cluster similar patterns and suggest related products a customer may be interested in or find products that other customers were interested in.

Should you use AI in web design? – Conclusion

Artificial intelligence can help you make better decisions for your site’s design while also providing tools that will increase your website’s conversion rate.

Many web designers and developers use AI virtual assistants that help them with branding, layout, different aspects of coding, and even marketing and SEO.

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