How to Make Your Website More Converting?

It’s no secret that high website traffic and interaction with the quality content will improve your website’s visibility and bring a constant flow of sales. However, in the sea of original designs and strategies, it’s hard to make a design that stands out. In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular techniques to increase your website’s conversion rate and attract new and returning customers.

When a new potential customer visits your product or service-providing website, you don’t have much time to impress them. Various surveys and tests have shown that businesses have only around 0-8 seconds to convince customers to stay on the website, using original and attention-grabbing headlines and landing pages. It’s also worth noting that 96% of your website visitors are not yet ready to buy your product, so even if they stay on your site for longer than 8 seconds, they might not be interested in buying your products, unless you convince them.

Attractive headline

When a potential customer visits your website, they need to be convinced that you can stand behind the products or services you offer as a business. The headline of your website is a thread that holds the entire site together; it’s a representation of your brand, your name, and your services.

Without an insufficiently attractive headline, the visitors won’t feel convinced to buy your product. Headlines need to be clear and concise, yet visually tell a story of your business to the visitors. The simplistic yet eye-grabbing approach should encourage visitors to learn more about what you have to offer. An accompanying sub-headline should help transfer more value to the emerging visitors.

Images, videos, visuals

Picture is worth a thousand words. That said, even if you have the catchiest and boldest headline, it is the visuals and warm colors that will lure the customer into staying on your website. That’s because we’re visual creatures and like to see work being put to action. With that in mind, make sure to add a lot of photos, clutter your website with warm colors, and add video content to support spreading your message.

Even though good-quality content is key to driving sales to your website, people live active lives and would instead prefer watching videos on their way to work than read a lot of messy text.

Clear Primary CTA (Call to Action)

When visitors go to your website, they need to see a clear CTA that will encourage them actually to take action regarding your product or service. Make sure that it’s sufficiently large and adequately designed. Concise CTA will also assist the visitors to move more through the website and learn about the products you offer.

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Secondary CTA

Does your business offer more than one product or service? Secondary CTAs serve exactly to attract customers to buy additional products that are offered. Chances are, many visitors may not be interested in your primary objective. However, they might like what your other minor product has to offer. That’s why secondary CTAs exist so that all visitors can find something suitable for themselves, and not leave your website in disappointment.

While the primary CTA represents your business and its message as a whole, secondary CTA encourages the prospects to scroll through your website and learn about alternatives your business offers.


If the product you offer has no benefits, how will your customers know that it’s good for them? Because websites nowadays revolve around excellent content, it’s important to highlight the most valuable benefits of the services you offer. Make sure to highlight it using animations, borders, bold and daring colors, so that your prospects see it.

It’s worth noting that Admin1235 comes with various free web tools that will improve your website’s visibility and attract more stable traffic. Keep the benefits within bullet points, make them concise and simple so that visitors can know what to expect intuitively.


Testimonials are social proof of satisfaction of your customers. If you offer a product and have an accompanying e-commerce store to sell it, customer reviews will provide an honest view of the new visitors about the product’s performance. If your business is a service provider, companies, and individuals you collaborated with can give a sort of testimonial to highlight the benefits of using your service.

Testimonials need to be quoted and are even more welcome with user’s photo. Admin1235 offers tools like CSS text-shadow, CSS border-radius, and other CSS3 features which can make the content appear more appealing. Additionally, CSS3 compressor will make loading times faster, so visitors will be quick to see the fantastic testimonials about your business.


Easy-to-navigate websites have winning designs. Also, sites with accompanying social media profiles can offer more functionalities and resources for positive reviews and contact. 
Visitors like to be well-informed, so make sure to include guides, free e-books or a white paper on visible areas over the site.

Proof of Success

Your product will win even more sympathies if it has won some awards. If another company or organization recognizes your business as reliable and successful, it will help build trust and good first impression. 


Other than that, make sure to highlight the essential things on your websites as much as possible, because important things need to be easy to find. Include other features like blogs, newsletter, chatbot, and customer support. Make sure to involve clean and innovative design.