Domain Manager

Manage your servers, panels, domain Registrars, expirations dates, passwords, incomes, expenses, FTP SSH CRM credentials and more! All from one easy to access secured panel.

Domain Manager - Active tab

Take control

Keep follow all domains & hosting renewals dates with status and alerts.
Quick view every domain fixed incomes, expenses and value.

Filter your domains by:
Active domains, expired domains, expired hosting, archive domains, under construction domains, domains with follow notes, positive value domains and negative value domains.

Domain Manager

Domain name & hosting renewals dates with related items like: domain registrar, server and IP. 

Get detailed list of all domain fixed incomes ,expenses with domain & client total values.

Easy and secure access to domain CRM, FTP, SSH and DB credentials.

One click “Domain DNS lookup” & “Google Insights”.

Admin12345 - Domain page
Domain Manager - FTP/SFTP/SSH Details
Extra protected encryption code for your passwords

Safe & Secure

While saving a domain which contains password, you will ask to add extra code to allow ‘GPass Encryption’.
GPass is your personal encrypt code that you’ll need to enter to allow extra layer of security to your passwords.

Your ‘GPass’ code will not saved and cannot be restored.
Only you know yours ‘GPass’ code.
No one can decrypt your passwords except for you. Not even us!

Domain Ex. Date
Domain Manager - Expired Domains

Manage domain expiration date, follow the status and alerts.
Use “add one year” button to quickly edit the expiration date.

Hosting Ex. Date
Domain Manager - Expired Hosting's

Manage hosting expiration date, follow the status and alerts.
Use “add one year & month” button to quickly edit the expiration date.

Follow Note
Domain Manager - Follow note Popup on domain list

Domain “follow note” will displayed next to the domain name all around the panel – very useful tool for you to use.

Fixed Incomes
Domain Manager - Domain Incomes

Add all domain fixed incomes, use one of the 32 currencies supported – The totals will always calculate into your local currency.

Fixed Expenses
Domain Manager - Domain Expenses

Add all domain fixed expenses, use one of the 32 currencies supported – The totals will always calculate into your local currency.

Total Values
Domain Manager - Domain Value

Get a clear image of the domain and client total value. fully understand your incomes and expenses.

Quick Links
Domain Manager - Quick Links

Add all the important accounts and credentials you may need for the domain – Facebook, G-suite, Mailchimp and so..

To-Do's & Tickets
Domain Manager - To-Do's List

Follow all To-Do’s and support tickets related to the domain name. Change status or mark as completed.

Add files
Domain Manager - Files

Attached documentation files to any domain. keep tracking your domain important files from the panel.

First Introduction

We want you to understand your business from a fixed Profit point of view. Control your incomes and expenses and get motivated to increase your profit!
This key feature mixed with our powerful management tools gives you the perfect panel to take control over your web design and hosting business.

Top Features

Admin12345 – The only cloud based CRM system
specifically designed for web designers - Freelancers and agencies.

Easily access all your domain details like: renewal dates, db, FTP, IP, DNS, Server, passwords, incomes, expenses and more.

All your passwords in one place with extra encryption technology (Gpass) for the ultimate in security.

Take control over clients domains with alerts, payment status, domain renewals and more.

Create and follow your price quotes, Easily manage and change price quotes status and more.

Add your business incomes and expenses, with or without domain relation. The panel will calculate it to your currency on a daily basis.

Get a clear picture of your income, expenses, profit & all your clients info. Through user-friendly graphs and tables.

Allow clients access to external branded login area with your logo. Clients will see their domain names, prices and open/respond/close help-desk tickets.

Fully functions Help Desk panel to your clients on an external branded login area and panel.

Add all the important links and logins (with passwords) you regularly use in one extra encrypted area.

Add your domain registrars, connect your domains to any of your registrars and easily filter them up.
Add your server and IPs, connect your domains to your servers and filter by IPs and more..

Attached documentation files to any domain. keep tracking your domain important files from the panel.

Create and follow your personal to-do list, The panel auto generate domain renewal & domain hosting to-do’s for you.
Our panel supports 32 currencies. eg. You can pay in USD, receive money in EUR and see the totals in GBP.

Useful tools for managing client websites including CSS3 generator, SEO tools like keyword position checker, link structure test, favicon-maker and more.

Email Alerts

Email report with 60 days renewal alerts (on a weekly basis).
We make sure you’ll not forget to renew your domain names and client’s hosting plans.

30 Days Free Trial
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