Admin12345 – Powered by Designers for Designers

Manage domains, registrars and hosting – including expiries and renewals
Manage clients - including up to date invoicing, client info. and quotes
Password management solution – including sensitive info. protection
User friendly stats panel – a picture of your company health with alerts
Full host of resources – SEO, web tools, multiple currencies and more.

Domain & Hosting Manager

Hosts DB, FTP, IP, DNS and CMS info and automatically informs you on expiries. Manage & renew from inside dashboard.

Secure Password Manager

All your passwords in one place with full encryption technology for the ultimate in security.

Analytics & Reports

Get a clear picture of your income, expenses, profit & all your clients info. Through user-friendly graphs and tables.

Clients Manager

Take control over clients domains with alerts, payment status, domain renewals and more.

Invoicing and Quote Manager

Create and send invoices, and quotes, stay on top of overdue or expected payments through alerts.

Web Tools

Useful tools for managing client websites including XML Sitemap Generator, SEO tools like keyword position checker, link structure test, favicon-maker and WhoIs Lookup.

Multiple Currencies

Choose from 23 currencies eg. Pay in USD, receive money in EUR and see the totals in GBP.


Add all the important links and logins you regularly use on to your dashboard, open directly from the admin.

Other features

Email report sent to you with useful alerts, to-do board and customizable theme.

Making Excels A Thing of the Past

As a designer what’s more frustrating than keeping excels?
Excels for password management, domain expiries, client invoicing. It never ends.
Now, Admin12345 Does all Your Dirty Work, So you Don’t Have to.

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Once you see the power of this software you’ll never go back to using excels again!

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Safe & Secure

As web designers, we know just how important it is to protect the security of your sensitive login info for DB, servers, hosting and more. Admin12345 allows you to keep logins for everything you run in one safe place.

Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services who take the matter of security seriously.

We follow the most stringent security standards ourselves. All your sensitive data within the software is fully encrypted and approved by SSL though HTTPS.

Password Encryption

After you add new login details for a domain for example you will see a popup for GPass security. GPass is a special code you will set each time to add an extra layer of security to your passwords.

GPass code is not saved and cannot be restored. No one can decrypt your passwords, except for you.
Not even us!

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Clients Testimonials

“ Since I started using Admin12345, I literally have never looked back. It’s a complete solution for me. ”

Taylor / Art Director

“ What a time saver! I can stay on top of the business side of things so easily now. And I never need to lookup a password again ”

Beth / Freelance Web Designer

“ I am so bad at administration, I find it consumes my time and leaves me feeling stressed out. Thank goodness for Admin12345 ”

Tal / Web Designer

“ I manage around 40 clients for our web design agency. I can stay on top of each and every one of them without once leaving the admin system, It’s a lifesaver ”

Maria / Account Manager

“ So many passwords, logins, it drives me crazy. For me this is the biggest advantage of using Admin12345. It stores everything for me and is so secure too. ”

Klaus / CEO

“ My client has been using Admin12345 for a while now, I’m a freelance designer. Now I use it too and recommend it to all my friends. It’s brilliant ”

Griffin / Graphic Designer

About Us

We are a team of designers and developers that saw a need in the market. We were drowning in excels. Like you we specialize in the graphic arts. We do what we love - design and development, but we never realized we’d also have to be accountants, operations managers and admin experts too. We just want to do what we’re good at.

The solution became clear to us. Build a software and admin system that would enable us to manage our clients including password management, payments and quotes and expiries for domains and hosting. A one-stop shop that would stay on top of all the business side of things so we could concentrate on the real work.
So that’s exactly what we did. We built it.

When we say, created by designers fro designers, we really mean it. We hope you will fall for Admin12345 as we have.

Account Types

Below you can see the types of accounts we offer.
Bare in mind we can also offer pay-as-you go and account upgrades at any time.

  • Basic

    10 Pack
    $3.50 / Month
  • 10 Domain Names
  • 10 Clients
  • 10 Domain Registrars
  • 10 Servers / Panels
  • 10 Quick Links
  • All Features
  • -
  • Sign up
  • Standard

    30 Pack
    $12.75 / Month
  • 30 Domain Names
  • 30 Clients
  • 30 Domain Registrars
  • 30 Servers / Panels
  • 30 Quick Links
  • All Features
  • -
  • Sign up
  • Silver

    50 Pack
    $19.90 / Month
  • 50 Domain Names
  • 50 Clients
  • 50 Domain Registrars
  • 50 Servers / Panels
  • 50 Quick Links
  • All Features
  • Invoice & Price Quote System
  • Sign up
  • Premium

    200 Pack
    $39.90 / Month
  • 200 Domain Names
  • 200 Clients
  • 200 Domain Registrars
  • 200 Servers / Panels
  • 200 Quick Links
  • All Features
  • Invoice & Price Quote System
  • Sign up